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Michael Ellefson wrote: View Post
Holy crap! I was reading this thread and realized I posted on it in 2004. Resurrection!

Now, having just under 22 years of Aikido and 12 years of BJJ under my belt...I can say that my BJJ is much more fluid now that it is in concord with my Aikido. They are very, very similar in my eyes. Seeing the similarities rather than the differences has made them work for me.
Thanks for your insight, Michael.

I am looking forward to integrating Aikido with my Karate and Judo or BJJ practices (I alternate or mix between these schools: a university Judo and a BJJ gym).

Matter of fact, I don't see any artificial separations inteh the traditional martial arts.

I pursue MMA/Hapkido-skillsets by:
~Karate: 2~4/week (only to touch/tag sport-karate, very limited contact - quite delusional in the name of safety, but good forms and spirit)
~Judo or BJJ 2/week (some of the BJJ players do MMA with me and wow(!) -- real humbling, painful, and insightful; Judo's real, very "honest" and down to earth).
~Shodokan Aikido: 2/week (just started, hope I can keep it up)

That's about 6 days a week of Budo.

To me, "Hapkido" is 1/3 Karate/fighting-TKD, 1/3 Aikido, and 1/3 chasing three rabbits at once .

"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools."
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