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Re: kanji for, and meaning of, suki

Hello Mr Morrison,

I think the issues are discussed quite thoroughly on the other thread, mentioned by John Seavitt.

There is a very good discussion of the origin of Chinese writing in the Cambridge History of Ancient China.

The essay is "Language and Writing", by William G Boltz. The three stages in the evolution of Chinese script are worth special attention.

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P A Goldsbury

PS. Give my best wishes to Sean MacR.

Kevin Morrison wrote: View Post
I usually take suki to mean an opening for a technique. What is the kanji for, and the meaning of, suki?

From a short search on-line,, I got 隙 with the possible meanings

1: gap; space;
2: break; interlude; interval;
3: chink (in one's armor, armour); chance; opportunity

with 隙 made from the parts
小 thousand
阡 small

Is this the character usually used? If so how do the the three symbols combine to mean suki?

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