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Mark Kruger
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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

So where does someone like me fit in this picture?

Monday: Shinto Ryu Iai BattoJutsu, done as my "lunch hour". Pistol range session right after work. Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, 1 hour in the evening.
Tuesday: Judo, 1 hour. Aikido, 45 minutes since my wife and I swap toddler watching duties during class.
Wednesday: Aikido, training during my "lunch hour" with my sensei, privately. Italian Longsword two hours.
Thursday: Judo, 1 hour. Aikido, 1.5 hours of me "teaching".
Friday: pistol range session right after work

Oh, and after dinner most nights... 10-30 minutes of dryfire with the pistol.

Weekends are quite varied. Last month: USPSA match, speed steel match, Doran sensei semiar, attending the dojo aikido exam, Tim Cartmell BJJ/MMA seminar. The month before that: USPSA match, Italian Longsword seminar in Wisconsin, IDPA match, carbine class with Larry Vickers.

Am I a dilettante who can't decide what to be an amateur in?
Am I looking at a much bigger picture than most folks?
With the limited time I'm spending on aikido will I actually learn and improve?

(I know what my answers are, I'm interested in seeing what other folks think.)

Mark Kruger
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