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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Getting back to the discussion on technical skill level, I don't think anyone suggests that someone training less frequently will likely progress at the same rate or, given the same lifespan, reach the same level of skill (at least I don't suggest that). All other things being equal (which of course they usually aren't, but for a start), someone training half as often should theoretically progress at half the pace. And given the finite nature of human lifespans, they would only get half as far at maximum. But it seems what's being suggested is something different than that statement, something much more specific.

I.e., the suggestion I'm hearing, if I understand right, is that with too large time gaps between classes, people will not significantly progress at all -- not just much more slowly, but not at all. That even if they train for several hundreds of hours and concentrate fully during class, they will not improve significantly if they leave too many days between classes. I assume the idea is that the brain (or body?) tends to keep forgetting everything learned between classes, such that the person tends to just keep relearning what they know, rather than continuing to progress?

This is actually quite an interesting suggestion and I think worth thinking of in terms of how people learn.

It doesn't fully correspond to my own experience with people I've seen train with lower frequency -- to me many of them do seem to progress when I look at them last year vs this year. And the people who got the same rank quickly vs the ones that got the same rank slowly don't always seem to me to be totally different in skill or anything... But then it's not like I've trained with THAT many people, or for that many years, or am that experienced that I'd always be able to judge. And when I think about it, even people who train relatively less often tend to increase the frequency for bursts every now and then. So it's actually an interesting comment to hear...

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