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C. David Henderson
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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Ryan Szesny wrote: View Post
You have said something very insulting though. One of the people involved in this discussion is a Aikikai Shihan with children, and you called all Aikikai Shihan unfit parents. That is exceptionally rude, and I am insulted because I am acquainted with Peter and Penny Bernet. They are not bad parents. They are good people who love what they do as well as their children.

You are indirectly calling shihan with children deadbeat dads with such statements. You didn't name names, but you talk about it like it is common practice.
Ok, first, so at least acknowledge you're backing away from your first statement.

Second, Dude, you guys kill me.

Why are you "insulted" exactly, aside from the fact that you seem to want to win an argument and its convenient? Do you have such low regard for these hothouse shihan that you doubt they can speak for themselves if they felt maligned? Ever think that maybe they don't because ... because of whatever, but, really, why is it your problem?

Third, can we please get back to some semblance of a discussion about something other than whether your significant other was right or wrong in her chortling declaration of victory over big, mean, bad Mary.

You guys think hours=commitment. OK, we get it. Go knock yourselves out, and best of luck in your training.

But you can't win a discussion, you can only shut it down.

David Henderson
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