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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Definitions and defined goals are important, but it depends a lot on what the source of your training is, where the focus is, and what the instructor knows. If one trains only the physical, and the source is only technical, then it usually takes a fair amount of training on the mat to get good, unless one has a gift for it.

If one's training revolves around developing the consciousness and skill of reorganizing one's interior landscape into being able to grasp the subtlety of what Aiki and Aikido are at the energetic levels, and learning to integrate and externalize that in a realistic manner that is both morally and martially responsible, then the time one trains on the mat and in life is all relative. If you have the right teacher, twice a week is ok. Three is usually better, but the rest of one's life becomes a part of the process anyway. It actually depends on one's internal commitment, how close you get to the instructor, and if he or she actually knows the stuff and has the ability to induct you into the awareness and experience of it.

Hmmm, maybe this was off-topic....

Larry Novick
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