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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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I recall Shibata Ichiro taking rank away from folks (not to mention the MANY failed tests). I guess they didn't continue to measure up so he dinged them. Not at all like merit badges that are collected but ongoing evaluation and rank according to now with minimal regard for history.

If more did that (taking rank away) then I think things would be considerably different. Think of all the professional groups that have annual, semi or biannual re-certification requirements. If one does not measure up then the door is shown.
That's (subtly) what I was hinting at. So much emphasis is put on Shodan, as if magically one becomes "enlightened" after reaching this coveted grade.
Does the student who trained 4 days a week to reach shodan, only to drop back to 1-2 times a week after shodan, really deserve to keep the shodan title? Where as the person who diligently and continuously trains 2 times every week, those 2 times potentially representing a tremendous commitment of time away from career/family, does not even qualify for shodan consideration?
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