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It is not at all uncommon to have very strong feelings for your teacher, in particular if he or she is a handsome and unattached. It is important however, not to get into any kind of relationship when you are not on equal footing, and as a person with three months training, you certainly would not be on equal footing with your teacher. Step back from this and your feelings for a moment to really reflect on the nature of your feelings for him. Is it perhaps infatuation? This is pretty typical.

Some organizations have policies against relationships among teachers and students, primarily due to the imbalance of power, and the possible abuse of power by the teacher. A teacher must hold him/herself to a very high moral standard of not engaging in relationships casually within the dojo. Certainly instances happen where teachers and students fall in love, but it should not be casual and must be given very deep thought and consideration to the possible ramifications of a relationship.

I hope I am not sounding too trite, or moralizing; it is just that I have witnessed relationships happen in the past (it hasn't happened to me directly) that have caused terrible turmoil and disruption within the dojo environment.

Best wishes to you on this! Give some time and see how you feel.
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