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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
{raises hand} almost 15 years now.
For the first two years, twice a week because that's all that was offered at that dojo.
For the next couple of years, sometimes three times a week but mostly twice a week due to other, pre-existing life committments.
Then mostly 3 times a week for some years.
After injuries/surgery/rehab, mostly 2 times a week.
Now, getting myself back into better shape, alternating twice a week with three times a week.
Got news for ya, kiddo, there's a lot of us out there; we are older, we have other family members and obligations in life but we treasure every moment we can train, and your yardstick and your poolboy metaphors are pathetic.
No, I think her comparison is pretty accurate. If you love something, you show it by spending time doing it. Whether you are physically able to do it or not is a separate issue. If a paraplegic (someone who is completely unable to train at all) who had never trained said that Aikido was their life... who would believe them? Some people are too old, sick, injured, or disabled to train regularly, but they are not on the same level of an aikidoka who trains 40 hours a week just because they have an excuse.

Your argument is the same line of logic that for a, "I'm as good as a doctor because I like to help people. I just can't put devote any time to medical school like all the other doctors."
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