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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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Is some one who trains 2 hours a week committing as much time as some one who devotes 8-12-24 hours a week?
Of course not. But note that "committing as much time" has a very different connotation than "have as much commitment".

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There's nothing wrong with committing 2 hours a week, it's people's need for validation I think that leads them to wanting their 2 hours a week to be considered as serious as some one who devotes the better part of their life to the art.
This strikes me as a strawman argument. I can't think of anything said in this thread (or elsewhere, for this matter) in which anyone considered two hours of training a week to be equivalent as "the better part of [your] life". However, you're taking another sharp tack into the realm of subjectivity when you judge them based on their "serious"ness. Apples are not oranges.

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2 hours a week, it is a fun recreation for you.
It really isn't for you to say what others' training is or isn't.

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If something is important to you, hell fire can not stop you.
"hell fire"? So, you've died and been to hell and can tell us what "hell fire" is like?

Hyperbole may convince some. On me it has the opposite effect.
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