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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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All your talk about commitment and sacrifice is really coming off wrong.

I'm sorry but getting to roll around in your pajamas 5x/week when you are a healthy, unemployed college student with no children and the finances to support that lifestyle does not make you any more passionate about or committed to aikido than someone who's life circumstances do not allow that frequency of training.

If you're still doing what you're doing after having a couple kids, struggling with medical issues, and working a full-time job, I'll be all ears.
That's unfair. Who told you anything about me?

I'm married, am a full time student, employed, with 3 cracked discs in my back.
I've worked my life's circumstances around to do what I prioritized as we all do.

I've quit a job that I felt was putting to much strain on my body because it was taking me out of training. It is just because I prioritized one thing above the other.
All about priorities. I value my savings account more than spending money... so it isn't financial security, it is a series of wise finical decisions....again prioritizing.
People make too many excuses. If some thing is important to you, you work it in!

If something is important to you, hell fire can not stop you.
Many people, especially of my generation lack a sense of personal responsibility. Your success in anything is your own doing. If you want something, nothing is an obstacle to stop you.

There's nothing wrong if things in your life take priority over Aikido, just be honest that they do. There's nothing wrong with that. and there's nothing wrong if I prioritize training over other things. We all do it, we just need to be honest with what Aikido is on our lives.

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