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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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Is some one who trains 2 hours a week committing as much time as some one who devotes 8-12-24 hours a week?

There's nothing wrong with committing 2 hours a week, it's people's need for validation I think that leads them to wanting their 2 hours a week to be considered as serious as some one who devotes the better part of their life to the art.

2 hours a week, it is a fun recreation for you. Nothing wrong with that.
When I visit my homeland every summer, I visit the local Dojo and train there. The sensei is 2nd Dan and IMO an excellent teacher. Most of his Aikido training to achieve dan grade involved a 2hr drive, each way, to get from his home to the nearest dojo, for a couple of hours training, once or twice a week.
That's commitment.
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