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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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I have friends with that type of committment who have outlasted many burning enthusiasts, one has trained like that for many years, because of family, work and a long drive to training, and I admire him for that. Another one has had three kids and I admire her even more.

So unless you have been there yourself for a long time, I think it's risky to say others "lack" committment.

By that I dont mean to say one gets far with once a week, but if that is their committment, it covers the ground they stand on. I have learned not to judge committment until a person has been around for at least ten years. Probably more would make sense.
It is a lack of commitment. It is a hobby to them. You say the hobbyist should be on the same level as the uchi deshi?
The uchi deshi obviously has more commitment to it than the hobbyist.
The guy who gives 12 hours a week commits more than the guy who gives 2 hours. It is a lacking of commitment.

There is nothing wrong with training 2 hours a week steadily. Just don't confuse it as the same as a guy who devotes many many hours. Aikido means some thing different to these people. It is in a different place in their life.

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