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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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I think you may be overlooking the counter-argument that has been persisting in this thread. There is no denying that students should not be passed if they do not have the technical skills. However, utilizing your analogy, if I were to take that same class for for 12 years wouldn't I have developed the knowledge required to pass that class?

Is a person training twice a week for ten years going to be unable to attain the skill level of a person training three times a week for six years? I don't buy it. Yes, I agree that going once a week will make it harder for a student to remember what they've learned a present a major obstacle for most. However, I cannot accept that a focused and dedicated person attending classes twice a week would not be able to attain the same skill level as they would if training three or even four times a week. It would simply take them more "years" to put in the same hours to get there.

I am certainly not denying that going two times a week may not be enough for some students to make consistent progress. However, training four days a week may not be enough for someone else. Unless we are talking about a big gap between training sessions, I think it comes down to the individual.
I'm not sure personally. I've never heard a student with that lack of commitment last more than 2 years.

The attitude is what I dislike at least. Say a guy had a girl friend and he wined her and dined her every day. Then a buddy comes over and says "You don't have to do that, I bought her a pack of gum and cheeseburger twice a week, and she totally puts out!" I sort of feel like the boyfriend in this situation. Some times people say things that make me feel like you're calling my girl easy! Like she isn't important enough to commit to.
If I don't believe my girl Aikido to be "easy", thus it annoys me if I hear people say that they only need to commit 2 or 1 days a week to get her to "put out". In other words they think they can get good with a limited level of commitment.
You might get your hours in in 12 years, but are you at the same level as some one who can commit a great amount of time to Aikido?

As a woman, we call the man that commits everyday a husband, we call the guy who can give his time twice a week the pool boy. lol

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