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Mark Mueller
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Don Moock in Louisville KY, Dec 11 & 12

Mark Mueller October 28 at 1:14pm

Don Moock Sensei, instructor at the ASU headquarters dojo in Washington, DC will be teaching in Louisville, Kentucky on Dec 10 and 11, 2010. Moock Sensei is one of Saotome Shihan's senior students and combines a hands-on approach with a close examination of the relationship and timing between uke and nage.

The seminar at Louisville Aikikai will be strictly limited to 30 students due to Moock Sensei's emphasis of a hands-on approach.

Classes -
Friday Dec. 10 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Sat. Dec 11 10am - 12 noon
2 - 4 pm

Cost: Friday only $25
Saturday Only $45
Both Days $60

Louisville Aikikai is located at 1860 studio 182 Mellwood Ave, Louisville KY 40206

Email for more information or to register.
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