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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Everyone feels like they are doing their best and should be validated for that. They have little patience for some interloper who comes in and surges past them i rank and gets o the teaching roster when they've been at the dojo half the time... They simply will not admit that this person my be more serious than they are, is training harder, and should be put ahead of them.
I've seen this happen many times and no-one seemed to care that much as far as I could see - they might lament that they wished they had time to practice more... but they can see for themselves that the other person has put in more training time and energy. And at the kyu level in particular, testing requires a certain number of 'days of training' so if you haven't got them, you can count for yourself and see you can't test for a while longer... As long as the promotions are clearly based on training hours and skill and there's no appearance of politics or anything, people seem to take it as a matter of course that someone who trains more hours a week will usually progress faster. If in doubt they can always look at the attendance records and compare number of days of training, or watch the person's test. Also people often go through phases -- someone trains 4-5 days a week, then something changes (usually they either have a new child or go to school) and cut back to once a week for a year or two, then after a few years get back up to 3, or in some cases back to 4-5...

When I come up with the three day minimum standard for promotion past 3rd kyu, it isn't arbitrary. It is my considered assessment that this is what almost anyone needs to master at an acceptable level, all the things we are responsible for knowing. ... (snip) One is expected to be able to manifest a technique large or small and make adjustments as needed. I have never seen anyone be able to do all of this at an acceptable level of skill who wasn't training at least three times a week.
Seriously, even if they trained for ten years for two days a week, you've never seen someone reach a real 3rd kyu level when looking at their skill?

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