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Re: Differant Standards in Differant Federations

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The biggest problem that I have with what you are saying is that you keep referring to an Aikido federation or group of schools in terms of big business or a government. You have a laundry list of what is wrong with federations, but these complaints seem uncharacteristic of my experiences. Who are the these people and where do they live? I don't know of anyone who has complained that their federation has stood in the way of their creativity or goals (at least that I didn't suspect had alternator motivation for doing what they were doing). Joining a federation doesn't mean you will have a shihan drop by and criticism your school's teaching and demand you do it this way and only this way, in my experience at least. Most demand payment, but offer things in return (access to good instructors, an organization that will advertise your dojo, aid in keeping your dojo running, and a community of aikidoka that are there to help you).

Frankly, there aren't many rules to staying in most federations, they just demand you be technically component in the style of aikido that they are trying to promote and you pay their fees (which is used to keep the organization running so that they can do for someone else what they did for you). I don't know where you are getting this stuff about stunting their creativity, this has not been my experience and I have been to half a dozen different federation dojos. Sure, everyone has a fairly distinct look, but there is a lot of variation within that to express individuality. Care to name names?

As for having "truer" aikido and better shihans, I have never heard this from someone who didn't appoint themselves shihan or combine aikido with some kind of other boxing or grappling art to "complete" it. If you have other experiences, please enlighten me.
I think that in the sense of your experience, you're correct. I've had a great experience in the larger organizations. There are aspects though in which very large groups can have their issues. I think though that on the bridge of experience, we may have too much distance between us to easily relate to things so I am willing to concede the point to you.
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