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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Lyle Bogin wrote: View Post
"training everyday" does not mean "being on the mat everyday" or even "doing martial arts techniques everyday." Eventually the martial arts lifestyle leads to the consideration of all tasks as training.
This, to me, is one of those typical, pseudo-deep answers some aikidoists tend to give (no offense meant).

It's also dead wrong.

If you want to become good or even just decent at something, you have to create a routine. Developing a routine means training as much as you can. In case of aikido: being on the mat as often as your personal life, job etc. allow you to.

By the way: a martial arts lifestyle is the lifestyle of a contemporary soldier. They train multiple hours per day, every day. A martial art lifestyle means rigorous training and mental and physical exhaustion, with the sole purpose of pushing the limits of what you body can take. Martial means "Of War". Martial art, in turn, means "Art of War". War is not doing tea ceremonies, or anything like that.

TL;DR: a martial lifestyle means training each day, every day, for hours at an end.
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