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I didn't want to leave Aikido and it was a huge dilemma. I was irritated and miserable by the change and the choices I faced. It made me unhappy..... I have not been in the Aikido world long. I haven't met many others who do Aikido outside my dojo.
I think some of the reaction came to you saying conflicting statements. You first said you didn't like your dojo, but you didn't want to leave because you felt you had made progression, you knew people, etc, etc. All of these things are understandable, but then you made a complete 180 and said that you were leaving aikido all together because all aikido dojos must be the same. It sounds.... a bit odd.

If aikido was something you truly enjoyed and wanted to continue with, you wouldn't write aikido off all together and wash your hands of it. You would be looking for somewhere else to train. You say that the dojo people will remain your friends when you leave to play rugby. Do you think they won't maintain that friendship if you join another aikido dojo?

Perhaps the real question here is are you not able to leave your little bubble of comfort. Sure, you aren't happy where you are, but you are still comfortable there. It is like staying in a relationship you aren't happy with because well… you can say you are still in a relationship and after all, you DID put in quite a bit of your time into that relationship. If you broke up with said person, would you stop dating all together forever? I wouldn't think so. You may take a sabbatical, but you wouldn't stay single forever would you? Perhaps you can take a break from aikido, but the real question you should be asking yourself is are you afraid to start over again? Are you willing to put your trust in someone else again and hope they will steer you down the path you are hoping to take?

Honestly, sure in all essence you will be starting anew. You will be at a new dojo, training with new people and there will be a new way of doing things. However, that doesn't mean that your aikido knowledge will be completely wiped away. Even if the dojo goes about a technique differently, you are bound to find some familiarity within the technique via movement, finding your center, using your hips, etc, etc. So again…. I ask you, are you scared?

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If I find a dojo with people like you guys in it I will be sure to join and resume Aikido.
Well that is a refreshing statement and perhaps yet ANOTHER complete 180.

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