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Josh Reyer Peter G, Henry E. .Basia H. and the others like you I didn't mention. I appreciate that you took my concerns seriously and understood my situation. Amongst the noise, you and those like you have helped me. That can't go unrewarded. You guys have my respect and appreciation.

About those people who decided to be too easily insulted. I didn't want to leave Aikido and it was a huge dilemma. I was irritated and miserable by the change and the choices I faced. It made me unhappy. If other people are insensitive to my angst, turning to mockery and insults because they are insulted, raspberries to you. I have not been in the Aikido world long. I haven't met many others who do Aikido outside my dojo. I see, I was naive in coming here thinking I wasn't going to be the butt of jokes and a target for accusations and insults. I hope to never meet these people inside or outside a dojo.

With my problem solved, I have learned a great many things. Thank you Josh and company for being a bunch of stand up people. I appreciate your help and understanding. If I find a dojo with people like you guys in it I will be sure to join and resume Aikido.
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