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I decided to stop.
Rugby will be fun. Go do it and have a blast.
Some quick thoughts though:
First impressions and bad experiences stay with a person (I think, therefore I am) and have a lasting impact...I am leaving Aikido all together.
I agree you have to believe it to be true to progress and stick with Aikido, if you really want it.
...mimicking something they aren't. Losing themselves in a fantasy world facilitated by the spiritual core of Aikido.
Why should I continue to stay, if I don't want to be part of that line of thinking? If I do find another dojo with the least bit of deference to spiritual core in Aikido, I will become very cynical and end up leaving on worse terms then now. I now have a history.
Sounds like a lack of understanding mixed with some self-fulfilling prophecies. I repeat, go do rugby. Sure, you have a history. We all have a history. Maybe Aikido isn't for you, but not because one dojo freaked you out by adopting atypical behavior.

I thank everyone for their concern.
Good luck.
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