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I didn't say Aikido was a cult. I never entertained a thought like that at all. I said, that my dojo went overboard into a world of fantasy when it came to the Founder's spirituality. I said it doesn't fit me. I said, I was told by a dojo member trying to convenience me the new shift in the dojo was alined with the Founder and his spirituality of Aikido, and he was an eccentric. I said associations of a bad experience transfers. That if I went to another dojo, I should expect similar spiritual concepts practiced, as my old dojo, in less or more degree. The spiritual situation in the new dojo will have the same spiritual concepts, but looked at differently. I would have a hard time staying at a dojo because of it. I didn't elude that to be true for everyone. I didn't say the spirituality is bad, wrong, or evil, etc. I didn't say those who believe in it, are cultish or any of the sort.

All I asked was for respect and deference to my situation and the dojo involved.
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