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Re: Japanezsing

Wow, where to start...

A) If you are getting your feelings hurt on Aikiweb, you should not go into rugby. In my experience, it is a sport where aggression is rewarded (at least the way I played it). You will be called every demeaning and embarrassing name in the book during the course of a normal game. If this is too hard for ya, you might leave with emotional problems....

B) You seem to refer to O'Sensei's spirituality as if it the wacko cult. You are probably offending people who have similar religious views, and you are showing a degree of religious intolerance. Everyone's religious views are odd outside of their religious spheres.

C) I believe there is a site that has an "Aikido sucks month" in March. The content of it is people giving testimonials in various chat rooms and blogs about how they went into an Aikido dojo and people jumped out in ninja costumes or something. I predict this thread will wind up on that site. Not accusing anyone of being or not being who they say they are, but I am making a prediction.

D) The OP admits that they are a beginner and can't even accurately comment on how well the instruction he is receiving is. If this is your objective opinion, why would you complain about the methods used to get you to advance? What right does an apprentice have to question a master? If I were serious about learning to cook well and apprentice under a 3 star chef who told me to cut onions for 8 hours a day for 3 months to improve my cooking. What right do I have to question? I am there for his instruction and that is what he is giving me.
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