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I don't appreciate the trivializing of a very person and difficult issue. I came here for advice. Not to be judged, or mocked. This is exactly what I feared would happen if i go to another Aikido dojo. I am anonymous for just that reason. I don't want to be judged personally by people who lack the sensitivity and maturity, as these people here have shown. I would like people to see that this is a very real situation of a person who bleeds when hurt. Who feels kicks when they are down. Who is has made friends and had a relationships with people I have come to like in Aikido. I take seriously their friendship, and am not willing to piss it away. It is a loss to me.

Some sensitivity would be appreciated, if some people are capable. It is now even clear to me, not to seek another dojo, just for this type of poor treatment show to me now.
You're being mellow dramatic.
How can I not question if you are for real? The resolutions you are coming to are illogical. They are biased.
Hey I was once cut off in traffic by a black dude--I'll just blame the black race. Idiotic!

You're hiding behind the anonymous thread and having an irrational response to an issue that isn't a major issue for most people to solve on their own. You hate your dojo...leave! You hate Aikido--quit! How is this a major life struggle here? Ridiculous. Forgive me, but it just looks like attention seeking.
Fine quit Aikido-- just know it is because of your issues, not Aikido's.
A pretend dojo frankly is the type of dojo some one with serious confidence issues needs. LARPing is as far as some people can get with Aikido. Evaluate yourself before you think you are more serious than the dojo you are complaining about. You might be as wacky as them, I don't know, I don't know you.

Are your feeling seriously hurt by what I said? Give me a break-- I can't comprehend that some on seriously is that insecure that they care what some one they don't know on the internet says! You can't be hurt--you don't know me well enough to be hurt. lol

Sorry if I'm being an ass...I'm typically more understanding. People having no concept of personal responsibility is my pet peeve! I can't feel bad for you.
Get real--you are quitting Aikido because of your issues...not because a little girl was mean to you on the interweb. Ridiculous!

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