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Basia Halliop
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It is now even clear to me, not to seek another dojo, just for this type of poor treatment show to me now.
Sorry you've had an unpleasant experience, both in the dojo and here... On the other hand, if you look at it in a more positive way, the fact that you've encountered some people who have had trouble even believing your experience was real could also be looked at as evidence for how completely different their Aikido experiences have been from yours. They've trained for years, sometimes in many different dojos with advanced teachers, and have never seen things at all like what you've described in your dojo. I.e., it's possible to train extensively for years without encountering the sort of interpretation of Aikido or of what Aikido is that you have seen in that dojo. Not all teachers would agree at all with yours on what 'Aikido spirituality' is, let alone what it should mean to a student of Aikido.

If you do ever decide to look again at Aikido, thinking of it that way may help you be more optimistic that it may not be so hard to find a dojo that's more down-to-earth and more compatible with your way of looking at the world.

Anyway, hopefully you'll find some enjoyable activities to do whether Aikido or something else.
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