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lol fine, then a troll.
There response just seems to irrational to be a real person's issue.
I don't appreciate the trivializing of a very person and difficult issue. I came here for advice. Not to be judged, or mocked. This is exactly what I feared would happen if i go to another Aikido dojo. I am anonymous for just that reason. I don't want to be judged personally by people who lack the sensitivity and maturity, as these people here have shown. I would like people to see that this is a very real situation of a person who bleeds when hurt. Who feels kicks when they are down. Who is has made friends and had a relationships with people I have come to like in Aikido. I take seriously their friendship, and am not willing to piss it away. It is a loss to me.

Some sensitivity would be appreciated, if some people are capable. It is now even clear to me, not to seek another dojo, just for this type of poor treatment show to me now.
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