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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

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How many dojos can one find this level of instruction? \
New York Aikikai is one place. If the uchi deshi life style is something some one is serious about, they tend to move to dojo like New York Aikikai for extensive training and apprenticeships.

6 hours a day isn't something most dojo offer.
I wouldn't attend a dojo offering less than 10 hours a week, because that's my personal minimum training requirements that I have for myself. My dojo exceeds my personal minimum exponentially, which I am blessed for.

I think a commitment of 10-12 hours a week is a minimum requirement.(if this many classes are not offered at your dojo, then a serious student I'd think would take every class they do offer, whenever possible.)

I train 10-12 a week... but in all seriousness the uchi deshi who train like a full time job, they are more serious than many of us are. And we should never disrespect them by pretending we are on the same level of commitment. I've heard of people giving up jobs, family and friends to move to New York or Japan to train seriously. Everyone really is a hobbyist in comparison. They deserve that much respect.
However, 3 hours a week is the very least I believe some one needs to make gradual progress as a 6th kyu. I get sad when I see new students only coming for 1or 2 classes a week or less. They have more potential than that. But if it is a hobby and they are enjoying themselves, whatever.
But, I think that if you have hopes for yudansha that a training minimum of more than 3 hours is to be at least considered.

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