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Hi Ben;

I can see someone getting a bit upset with a 19 year old Nidan - I can also see a 19 year old Nidan thinking wrong things. When I was 19 I was real cocky about some things. Not saying that's the case but if its the former you can't do anything about it, if its the latter - well just think what it is that's annoying the person.

Here the youngest Nidan is 17 but its a student Nidan - for the 17th birthday the person was presented a white belt and told to start over. Didn't take them very long but - well hopefully you will get the point.

I really hope your post had nothing to do with the anonymous post that popped up a little while ago.
Ben Doubleday (Ben_t_shodan) wrote:
I hope someone can help, I have a little problem. I have practiced for many years in Aikido, not as many as I would like but still. I am 19 and getting ready to take my Nidan test, there is one Aikidoka that is causing a little problem. I don't know if he knows it but that I think he doesn't treat other Aikidoka rite, me for one.

you don't owe me.. you owe Bronson. No one would know it was you if he didn't use your name.


p.s. I like the chocolate in my gi... it has a nice smell.. well it is better that sweat.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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