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Sounds like a very, very frustrating situation.

I'd try to avoid the guy as much as possible. Find other training partners when it's time to pair up.

If he contradicts everything you say, maybe you should stop saying anything. "Shut up and train," as the saying goes. Your technique will show whether you understand or not. And if he starts correcting you during practice, you could just smile, say "sure," and keep doing what you're doing.

If lousy behavior persists & you can't avoid him, maybe you should just take it as yet another variation on the problem of a "difficult" uke. Think of it as training for conflict outside the dojo.

All this may be harder if you're teaching, though (whether leading the class, assistant teaching, or as trusty sempai) - are you? If he's busy contradicting whatever you say when you're actually teaching, not just training together, he's way out of line. I don't know what to tell you on that one. Have you talked to your sensei about the problem?

One last thing. From what you've written, it sounds like the guy himself is a large part of the problem. But could your own attitude be making it worse? Your last line about wanting to be treated like the rank you are is the voice of wounded pride & ego. Could it be that you're a little too attached to your rank? After practicing for 13 years, you must be pretty damn good - and your technique will show that clearly. Who cares what rank he treats you as? Skill can't be hidden (and can't be faked, either).

Good luck & best wishes. Keep me posted on what happens.
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