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Re: Turbulent priests and millenarian protest

Thanks for that interesting link too, Demetrio. I just quickly checked O Sensei on wikipedia to check when he became involved with Oomoto-kyo (December 1919 according to

"To this day, Ōmoto-kyō priests oversee a ceremony in Ueshiba's honor every April 29 at the Aiki Shrine in Iwama." O Sensei died on 26 April (and 29 April is Showa Day, a national holiday in Japan).

And here's an Oomoto Nao Deguchi link: which probably isn't as objective (or as well-written) as the UBC thesis.

Incidentally going back to the historical/cosmic irony I just checked the link I put in this thread earlier and apparently there is a punctuation mark to indicate irony called an irony mark. It's a backward question mark: ؟. Wow.

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