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Re: When Systems Falter

Mr Fox,

Many thanks for your responses. What caught my attention in your original mail was the mention of recognition and I am still uncertain as to what precisely you mean by this term. I assumed you meant recognition by some organization, such as the Aikikai, and this is what prompted me to ask you if this was what you did mean. I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I was invading your privacy, for this was not my intention.

I myself trained in the USA in the mid 1970s. I was a lowly white belt and not privy to the discussions that led to the creation of the IAF and the establishment of a system for Aikikai Recognition. I do, however, remember the matter of Tohei Sensei being discussed in the dojo (the New England Aikikai). This would have been in 1974.

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Tom Fox wrote: View Post
Recognizing Ledyard Sensei's concern about the quality of aikido, I would also be very concerned about any committee empowered to select organizations for membership or exclusion based on their alleged quality.
We are still seeing organizations of high quality denied recognition due to the opposition of influential individuals for reasons known only to themselves.
In the years ahead, it would be good to see an umbrella organization develop in the U.S. that allowed the issue of recognition for organizations to be insulated somewhat from individual power struggles.

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