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Re: When should I buy Hakama

HaHa to the comment about my clothes falling off. The gui I have now ties on the sides although the area around my chest falls open quite often I am seriously thinking about adding a button there! It is quite annoying ( and yes I do wear a shirt under my gi!!) Thanks for the info. I was just sitting in my Math class and of corse my mind was not thinking of math... was cruising ebay for a bokkan and thouhgt hmmm do i need the Hakama yet or not. So now I am going to break out my old white belt and see if it still fits.. Will be interesting to see if I can still wrap it around twice or not.

We wrap twice in hap ki do to support the back etc. Hmm now that makes me wonder what kinda knot you use in the front... several styles do it several different ways. ...
oops there goes my mind again.!!

by the way I am in my Geology lab now looking at rock samples and my mind wanders from the rock name to aikido stuff...
Of quartz you always stand in Hamni ...stuff like that.
YOu mica want relax so you don't get hurt...
It would be gneiss to sit in seiza again
Aikido is the schist
chert happens..
ok enough of the geology jokes haha.
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