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Re: Turbulent priests and millenarian protest

Thank you, Demetrio.

In your post, you have quoted what appears to be the university's summary of the thesis.

I downloaded the thesis and read through it. It is a very reasonable Masters thesis, in terms of being a logical ordering of existing knowledge, though his bibliography is rather sparse. I accept, however, that the thesis was presented in 1998 and that important advances have been made since then.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few problems, one of which is the operational concepts that the author uses. What does he mean by 'western thinking', especially 'western thinking' about Shinto and especially Shinto as a 'state religion' and nationalist vehicle? In addition, there is no evidence from his bibliography that the author has studied any primary sources of Omoto in Japanese, or has actually read anything written by Onisaburo Deguchi.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting work, but very much a first attempt at research in a very wide field. It should be compared with the work of Thomas Nadolski, whom the author cites rather uncritically in his footnotes, and the recent book about Omoto by Nancy K Stalker.

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