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"Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido": Dan Harden in Hawaii

The above post was actually copied from another site, I've attached the "official" announcement below. You can contact Dan directly for an application, but you are also welcome to contact me for further information. Hope to see everyone there!




"Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido"
Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 20th and 21st
Location: Shobukan Judo Dojo at 525E Kunawai Lane, Honolulu HI

This work shop is a continuation of the workshops already taking place at Dan's Dojo with advanced level aikido students and teachers from all over the United States. Dan is making his research into the Japanese arts and the resultant training practices of his private dojo available on a national level. The goal is to offer a workshop in a neutral environment, with an emphasis on learning and understanding internal power and aiki as a basis for martial movement in a global sense, while undertaking the difficult task of taking that first step into personal training and integration of the concepts into your own art.

The work shop will cover introductory basics of the system Dan has developed and taught successfully to hundreds of students and teachers from a wide range of martial arts. Dan will outline the training in such a way as to make the relevancy to martial movement immediate, clear and accessible. Included will be:

-> A presentation of how the martial arts take advantage of natural and common postural failures and methods for building a martial body that moves antithetical to the principles most martial arts use as their foundation for defeating the common body frame.

-> How the trained body can begin to take care of itself automatically in a live environment.

-> An emphasis on specific training tools (solo and paired) to develop internal power, and specifically how it relates to aiki connections in a martial context.

-> Creating and maintaining a structure supported on all sides and how to strengthen it with breath training exercises.

The material covered; while benefiting aikido greatly will not be "specific" to just the aiki arts like Aikido and Daito ryu, but any grappling or striking art, so teachers from other disciplines are welcome.

Dress will be sweats or shorts and T-shirts. No Gis, No budo affiliated T-shirts please. This will be very informal, and casual, but I strongly urge you to bring a notebook.

This will be a closed workshop with no pictures, video, or visitors allowed. Participants are required to fill out an application (available by e-mailing Dan at ) for further details and to be considered for a spot. People may or may not be accepted by Dan's sole discretion. You may also contact Chris Li at for further information.

Workshop fees are $175.00 for both days, $100.00 for one day on Saturday with no Sunday only training. Fees must be paid in full with your registration.

The schedule:

Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM with a 2 hour break for lunch
Sunday 9 AM, Lunch, until 6PM.....with consideration for flights, travel, and condition of the participants.

Thanks..see you there.

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