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Talking practice every day, Otherwise you are wasting

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Find some judo, bjj, iaido (sword practice) or jodo dojo, these arts have the same roots as aikido. You have to practice every day, all year long. Otherwise you are wasting your time.
that's excellent advise.

You should practice every day, all year long with skillsets that have the same root, to gain a "critical mass" of skill, for few years, then otherwise you are wasting your time.

I'll be increasing my karate to 6~7 times per week, x4 in the dojo.

When I was in college and playing in competitions I trained 7 times a week plus running and weight lifting.

As 'm evaluating Aikido dojo for myself, I have a strong preference for a dojo that offers 6 to 7 class days per week.

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