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Re: When Systems Falter

Hello Mr. Goldsbury,
I'm sorry for the late reply. An earlier attempt was deleted when I apparently ran over some time limit and had to log in again.
My comments were in regard to the discussion, which I also assumed to concern possible developments among senior Aikikai members and their organizations in the U.S. However, I think the lack of reference to that context was deliberate and appropriate, and I would like to continue on that safer path.
If you will allow me, I will restrict my remarks to the subject at hand. I'm not of a rank or inclination to influence recognition in any country.
On reconsideration of Takahashi Sensei's comments, I don't believe that a single umbrella organization should be created in the U.S. or elsewhere, or that he would back such an unwieldy and potentially monopolistic organization.
I now think that he was calling for the several existing umbrella organizations to respect one another's decisions, allowing sub-groups of dojos to leave any organization and to join any organization without interference or rancor.
This is an eminently better solution, but it calls for people to forgive one another.
If the leaders of a sub-group can't get along harmoniously with members of one organization, and the quality of that sub-group's aikido is sufficient for it to join another organization, then the original organization's senior leaders should graciously accept the proposal to restore harmony, regardless of their resentment.
Upon reflection, that is what I think Takahashi Sensei is calling for, and I hope that he and the other leaders are able to bring it about.
Perhaps he was also calling for the extension of that acceptance to some of the groups whose styles are currently outside of Aikikai, and if so I would -- in many cases -- support that as well.
It's alot to ask for, but as we move onto the next generation of leaders in the Americas, there will already be too much diversity for style purists to prevail.
In summary, I think perhaps it would be not an umbrella organization, but an unfixed number of diverse, mutually respectful umbrella organizations that could possibly insulate recognition from personality conflicts and turf wars.
Then perhaps those organizations to focus internally on the quality that Ledyard Sensei is concerned about.
Best regards,
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