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Re: Aiki Doh's

My list is long, but I'll offer this one up first. I had been teaching for several years and had a new class group that was coming along very well. We were working on a kokyu-nage from ski-strike, stepping behind and catching the shoulders, stopping them and setting uke down backwards. Not supposed to grab the shoulders, just stop them, but somehow the grab almost always happens.

My uke is a petite, very attractive, oriental lady, intermediate belt, and she goes into the strike well. I move, catch her shoulders, yep catch her shoulders, actually catch the shoulders of her gi... and it comes completely off in my hands! (to this day, I am not sure how this happened). For a fraction of a second, I am standing there with the gi in my hands, like whipping the tablecloth out from under the plates, while she sits down in seeming slow motion, with this puzzled look on her face (and a t-shirt on fortunately), which is nothing compared to the stunned look on my face, I assure you. Then, nearly before she hits the mat, I whip the gi top back around her like a cloak, and step back in utter confusion. The rest of the class (which includes her brothers, sisters, nephew, niece, etc.) all have the same stunned looks on their faces for about 5 seconds while I'm trying to think of something to say and then they just all fall over laughing.

We all recovered, but it was a long time before I could demonstrate that technique without a lot of raised eyebrows and smothered laughter.
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