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Re: Aikido and jujutsu in everyday conflicts

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Another dead thread resurrected...
Hi Janet,
While some folks in the forum have been here for a while and have gone through many of these conversations already, i think Aikiweb presents its forums as being open to anyone, including new folks who are just now learning about Aikido and are starting these conversations for themselves. when one goes to the topics area, looking for a specific topic, they may see a thread there that speaks to what they are focusing on at the moment, and thus may want to chime in--i think being a member of the site allows them to do that.

in the time that i have been on here i have seen you and others post the "this thread is dead" comment almost immediately after people comment on something --is this really necessary?

if it is dead to you, why add the comment? just because you've been there done that, doesnt mean everyone else has.

unless Jun can come up with a way of maintaining an "advanced forum only for people who have been there done that" this is always gonna happen.

let us promote true tolerance and welcome our newbies while understanding that they havent yet mastered the universe as much as we have, no?

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