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Re: Japanezsing

I understand that to the OP it feels like a hard thing to do. I left my first dojo, over what I considered deeply serious issues, after a yr and a half, and yes I did lose sleep over it, partly because in that dojo I'd been pretty well indoctrinated into the idea of loyalty. There was no aikiweb then, but there was aikido-l....and I was sufficiently paranoid about anonymity that my sole advisor/reality tester was somebody I selected from aikido-l who 1) lived far away 2) knew nobody involved and 3) could correspond w/ me in a language other than English about it.
Another member of my dojo, w/ just a tad more time in training than me, made the decision to stay for exactly the same reason as the OP: feeling he had too much invested in time and rank (he was 4th kyu at the time) to make a change.
I've gone the other route, changing dojos 5 times as my understanding of what I'm looking for in a teacher/in my own training has changed.
To the OP I say: 9 months is nothing. Many of us lose more time than that due to injuries or family obligations over the course of years of training. Go where the training meets your needs.

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