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Update: Roughly another month has passed and I am still at the dojo dealing with the ever increasingly annoyance (my personal feeling) of the dojo's perpetuation toward turning Japanese...
I have to plead guilty on this thing, myself.

I started "Japanezsing" in high school, imitating Kwai Chang Caine, then in college, when I was heavily involved in yoseikan aikido and I watched the Saturday kung fu movies with my sempai. We didn't even understand the difference between the Japanese and Chinese movies. We thought they were all samurai. But we agreed that it would be cool to go around in clothes like that. And then, as my connections to Japan started growing, I picked up little bits of Japanese or Japanezsed kind of clothing: various t-shirts, but then a yukata, which fit well thirty years ago. And when I had my own dojo and visited Japan, I gained a jimbe, which is a sort of festival suit--short pants and an airy cross-tied top. I started wearing the top with blue jeans. I started taking Japanese language lessons and throwing Japanese terms into my speech. I got shoes like Sonny Chiba in The Streetfighter. They were just regular black leather shoes, but even that, because of the intent, was "Japanezsing". How do you think they feel about "Americanezsing" of Japanese culture?

But even though I do understand the drive to assimilate a foreign culture, it can be annoying to those who don't share that drive. I just wanted, as fully as possible, to transmit a real Japanese art without "Americanezsing" it.

Of course, I went over the top, but I ended up being uchi deshi to a man who was one of the earliest uchi deshi to Morihei Ueshiba and, before that, uchi deshi to the judo master, Kyuzo Mifune. And I have a Japanese wife and all my kids have Japanese eyes.

Is it still Japanezsing?

Best to all.


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