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Unless you are a formal deshi in a real koryu bujutsu dojo, you performed keppan, gave your body and soul to the clan/ryu, et c (as if you signed for the French Foreign Legion or USMC) you are a customer of a commodified leisure provider.

Sensei changed the product/service he sells and this new product/service doesn't satisfy your needs. Go buy in another place. There no need to make it personal, it is only business.
The Killways Index!

In these discussions of school presentation, we have overlooked one critical factor: how many ways can a teacher kill a man with his bare hands?

I would like to address that issue here and announce the creation of a modern index that rates this capacity in an objective form.

Until now, the market has been driven by individual martial arts school advertising, for example: "I can kill a man in a 100 ways with my bare hands."

It sounds amazing until you hear that the teacher up the street can kill a man in a 113 different ways.

How do you, as a prudent consumer of martial arts instruction, decide which teacher to follow?

My clients have told me countless horror stories of choosing the teacher who could kill a man in more ways. They paid and paid and never learned anything, while students at the other school progressed quickly through all their belts to Black Belt and learned many fast and easy ways to kill a man with their bare hands.

From their experiences, I decided to create the Killways Index: a rating system which seeks to normalize the claims of all listed teachers against a scale of relative weights involving the age of the teacher and of "the man" to be killed, their respective levels of health and the actual methods used to kill the man.

Killways considers dan level of the teacher and whether he has shown the initiative to create his own style or the prudence to inherit one. More points are added if he has inherited a traditional Japanese ryu and is a generational headmaster living in the US. However, creating his own school and developing a higher number of ways to kill a man with his bare hands can be of equal value.

In the cases mentioned above, both teachers' killing techniques involved more body parts than just the literal bare hands. The Killways Index calls this "technique diversification" and values it highly. Most prudent martial arts consumers do. But Killways lets you see more deeply into the actual techniques used before you consume the lessons.

In our examples, the teacher who could kill a man in a 113 different ways was including 21 "one finger" killing techniques. Asked to demonstrate, he mimicked holding a gun and began twitching his index finger: "One-two-three-four-five-six!"

Our agent was flabbergasted, but the teacher explained that this was his .38 revolver technique. He then offered to explain the 15 "one-finger-kill" techniques he used with his 9mm Browning. No wonder his students were disappointed!

And look at his teacher/man-to-be-killed ratios: the teacher was 23 years old with seven years of martial arts training, degrees in twelve arts, two 10th dans, two eighth dans and a sokeship. The man to be killed was 45 years old, a smoker, alcoholic and recent victim of a serious car accident.

And the 100-man teacher? Not only was he broadly diversified, including a full range of hand, leg, foot, elbow and hip killing techniques: he taught a rare method killing a man by striking him with one's nose, which he learned from a Tibettan llama in Chicago. His projected teacher/man-to-be-killed ratios accounted for relatively equal ages and levels of health, though it was preferred that the man to be killed be of somewhat lower intelligence.

It is a subtle mix of factors. While one teacher claims 100 ways to kill a man and the other claims 113, the Killways Index evaluates them as (Grade 100 Supreme) and (Dimwit Mak).

If you are a prospective student, use the Killways Index to get a fair and balanced view of various teachers.***

If you are a teacher, rating on the Killways Index can vastly improve your image in the eyes of prospective students. Our consultants can tailor your presentation to maximize the value of your previous investments in martial arts, including dan level, years of training, any SEAL or law enforcement instruction, L'il Tigers programs or Elvis-like appearance, including development of the belly.

If you are an armchair martial artist, reading the Killways Index regularly will help you stay current of the latest trends in killing the greatest possible number of men with your bare hands.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the Martial Arts Marketplace. Killways Index is your guide to the future.

*** Read the prospectus carefully. Past returns do not guarantee future performance.
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