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... it was indicated to me quite verbosely, in a strong Japaneseque manner it was time to follow in lock step. This was not the actual phrasing, but that is the gist of it.


, it was my earlier assumption that the Sensei being well versed in knowledge of the Japanese and Japan doesn't come from a Japanese Aikido source. I am not sure of that, I could be wrong. I assumed the Sensei's knowledge is derived from other sources and experiences than Aikido. I made the assumption because of never hearing of any Japanese Aikido contacts or experiences mentioned in my presence.
Its a fine line but some cult alarm bells are starting to ring here.
Some traits are
- A charismatic leader who has knowledge that no others have
- mysterously gained knowledge
- Lots of behavioural demands and beginnings of boundary control

Its not uncommon to find some of these traits and others in aikido dojo because of the nature of the art and hierarchal structure, some dojo fit the definitions more than others.

Here's a quote
" ..In such groups leaders can make demands on followers that are seen as abusive by outsiders,... the group operates as a close knit social system and its activities are generally only carried with other members of the group. ...Boundary control is exercised by the group and compliance with group norms is assured by members....A clear difference between members and non-members is exercised" (Cults, Faith Healing and Coercion, M. Galanter, Oxford university Press 1989).


PS Slightly OT, some thoughts on picking a dojo here

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