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Update: Roughly another month has passed and I am still at the dojo dealing with the ever increasingly annoyance (my personal feeling) of the dojo's perpetuation toward turning Japanese. Soon after I came here for guidance, it was indicated to me quite verbosely, in a strong Japaneseque manner it was time to follow in lock step. This was not the actual phrasing, but that is the gist of it. To humor them and not be "the nail that sticks up" I surrendered to some of the objectionable behaviors.

I want to thank all those many replies, the Sensei's and dojo behavior is not acceptable, which reinforces my assumptions.

I am wondering now if I speak to the Sensei directly in regard to the new dojo obsession? If so, how? What advice can be given on my approach to a Sensei who has gone Japanese ren-fair, turning the dojo into a spectacle?

How do I say, "Sensei, this Japanese thing you're doing is getting absurd. And it is a bit much, not to mention it is highly distracting to me learning Aikido now?" How do I say correctly to the Senesi, "It isn't that I haven't enjoyed learning from you (up to this point). I have been here a while and have made some friends and people I like and are comfortable doing Aikido with, and I have learned many things. It's all good to this point. And I am hesitant to go somewhere else. I don't want to risk starting all over again somewhere else with someone else. I have equity in this dojo, and have made investments here. No complaints, but this Japanezing of things is really unbecoming, and it is giving me cause to consider quitting the class. Something I don't necessarily want to do." Any advice.

Take in consideration upon providing any wisdom in this matter, I am younger than the Sensei, and our relationship is strictly student and teacher. We don't speak casually or personally to each other. We are not BFFs. I would call it more of a professional relationship if any.

Thanks in advance

---real quick, it was my earlier assumption that the Sensei being well versed in knowledge of the Japanese and Japan doesn't come from a Japanese Aikido source. I am not sure of that, I could be wrong. I assumed the Sensei's knowledge is derived from other sources and experiences than Aikido. I made the assumption because of never hearing of any Japanese Aikido contacts or experiences mentioned in my presence.
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