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In all due respect, I appreciate humor in this situation, but concerning the distractive mocking, I am not laughing. I've invested my time and money to this class. I have made friends in this dojo. Please understand my deference to my personal concerns, and seriousness, I hold for this matter.

The question posed more often to my question, is referring to quality. I don't know. I have nothing to weight technical adeptness against. What I see now as a novice I may judge wrongly, either way. With this in mind, I would like to direct to teaching methodology. That of which in my terms and understanding seems more accessible as the object I am able to answer at my level. So I shall, I don't see a connection in relation to the issues of Japanezing in my dojo and the quality of Aikido. Is the teacher's knowledge about and can't transmit information in a reasonable fashion that accelerates learning? The teacher is very intelligent and well learned in the ways of Japan, that is evident to many situations inside and outside the dojo. The Sensei is not Japanese, as previously indicated, but has a command of Japanese. The Sensei has extensive exposure and access to the country and the people for many years; not Aikido related. Is the Sensei good. I don't know. Is the Sensei highly intelligent and knows their shit when it comes to Japanese...yes. Japophile is an understatement. IMO the Sensei has an obsession for the Japanese.

Do I leave the dojo, right the Sensei off as a moron and more on from there? Well that is a facilitating answer that quickly arose to apparent. Haste makes waste. Therefore, other considerations must be considered. That is why came here. Any meaningful help is greatly appreciated.
1) Relax!
2) Go and visit other dojos near you. If you are allowed, pay a mat fee and try a class at each dojo.
3) Relax!
4) After visiting other dojos, ponder the situation and ask yourself if you are comfortable enough at the current dojo, would like a temporary change, would like a permanent change,.... You should have enough awareness by now of what you like and don't like about training in Aikido (particularly after visiting other dojos).
5) Choose wisely Grasshopper !

Nobody is making fun of you. Most of us have invested a tremendous amount of time and money into our training, but can stand back and realize that life is serious so don't take it that seriously!

Good Luck!

Marc Abrams
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