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carina reinhardt
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Re: Finding students via twitter, facebook etc...

Daniel James wrote: View Post
Hi everyone,
Noticing the growing traffic on social media sites and hearing people are using them like a search engine I've setup twitter and face book page to accompany my dojos website

While I'm somewhat wary of web 2.0 tools being attractive to mainly gen Y and thus attracting the gen Y sterotypicaltypical enquiry time wasters I am hopeful it finds the geninely interested

While it'd be nice if listka might find them intersting enough to subscribe to I' d be very interested to hear other peoples thoughts on if these tools are effective as a form of bringing new people to the dojo and any insights they might have in their use

Hello Daniel,
Here in Spain people use it as publicity for their seminars, you receive an invitation: Will you come: Yes, No or Perhaps.
I subscribed a few weeks ago to promote our international seminar in november. I think it is a good idea to find new students,almost everybody is subscribed, what a phenomenon
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