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Re: Training .... when you are not training

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post

Have you read Tada Shihan's remarks about training?

Best wishes,

Hello Peter,

Yes, I'd read it a little while ago but forgot about it until you pointed it out. I have been rereading the back issues if Aiki News/Aikido Journal just recently. Unfortunately I'm only up to Issue 72. It takes a bit of time to reread through and pull relevant info.

It seems like there was some change in Kisshomaru Ueshiba sometime after the war ended to shortly after the Tohei split. Can't really put my finger on exactly what ... Perhaps the weight of the war, his father's death, and Tohei's actions caused him to alter the way he viewed how he wanted Aikido to proceed? Seems like some shift in direction occurred ... but I could be wrong.

Hope you are doing well,
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