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Re: First ACNJ Aikido International Friendship Seminar

Congratulations to all who attended this historic event, expressing their faith in the power of Aiki thinking and acting for mutual benefits from honest training with new ideas and partners.

This is another example of sincere people of Aiki, in encouraging each other to cross over imaginary and arbitrary boundaries for the sake of training for mutual enrichment and expansion of experiences.

Perhaps begun with Stan Pranin's legendary Aiki Expos, augmented with Hiroshi Ikeda's Bridge seminars in San Diego, there appears to be a growing interest in cross training, not only in other martial disciplines, but amongst seemingly divergent Aikido systems as well.

This is an important wake up call to Aikido leaders of all stripes, to encourage their students to support local, regional and larger venues, with instructors of their choosing, for the betterment of their students' training experience and growth.

We are all winners here!
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