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Re: teaching the blind

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I have known steve fyfe for quite a few years now. a couple of years ago, I uke`d for his 3 dan at, the shin gi tai, summer school. He has been blind since birth, has dan ranks in Judo, and a master of the art of cane fighting.
He started off under the NAF with my sensei, John Duggan,My sensei and Sensei Fyfe are rather close. When My teacher left the NAF and joined the Shin Gi Tai Aikido society, Sensei Fyfe came with him, although Steve lives and teaches in Norwich, we all still have rather close ties through the Shin Gi Tai.
His sense of perception is truly extroadenary.

Andy B
That is pretty amazing. Blind Judo I can understand; what you can grab you can understand. The leader of the notorious Aum Shinrikyo religion was also blind, and a judo dan.
But Aikido --- wow. How in the world does he do that?
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