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Re: New dojo/new student

To Amir, thank you for your questions here are a few answers in question order

1. This is a new club I am starting. But I have taught in my teachers dojo, and the association summer school.
2. My teacher would pair a beginner up with a more experienced student.
3. The focus of my personal training has now taken on a more spiritual element, I do not focus directly on self defence for myself anymore. I would teach techniques in a purely self defensive manor, as I believe Aikido should be practical first, especially weapons training.
4. Anyone is welcome to train with me, young, old, disabled, I once, in my teachers dojo put together a blind person, and a deaf person. one could see what I was doing the other could hear, that was a great experience!
5. This one is little tricky to answer, I will try to show the beauty of Aikido, through simple yet powerful movement, and say yes you can do this too!.

To David, unfortunately, my teachers dojo is just a little over 200 miles away in sunny Hereford on the Welsh boarder, as you can see I now live in Brighton. I thank you for your thoughtfulness in offering if you could to come and uke for me, very kind of you.

To Lyle, thank you for the advice, I thought about introducing weapons, but not on the first night, I don`t want to overload them, but I will definitely do a small demonstration of bokken and Jo suburi, and Jo Kata, to give them a flavour of the style of weapons they will be learning.

Again I wish to thank you all for your comments, I am slowly getting a picture of what I would like to show them on the opening night.

In Budo

Andy B
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