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Re: The Correct Way to Hold a Knife

Holding and attacking w/a knife are quite different...and very cultural.The reverse grip is favored in some locals and culture's...the blade forward thrusting style in others...the attack pattern is another concern...combine that w/the mental state of the attacker and the problem is compounded...dojo knife skills can be beneficial if the attacks are varied and un-rehearsed.Many years ago i spent a good deal of time working w/another Aikidoka (yudansha) in knife defense and we were unable to successfully defend against a reverse grip attack...having been a meat cutter i used a blade in various ways to cut thru carcass and changing from forward to reverse grip while cutting became second nature...holding a knife is one matter skillfully defending against one is another and more serious consideration...good training to you.
This clip is not for the faint hearted but is a great example of what can happen in a serious knife attack...

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